Global Project Management

PRODIT ENGINEERING aims to serve the customer in the most effective way, providing a wide range of products and services.

For this purpose our design cycle, regardless of the product supplied, is complete and detailed in order to get the full satisfaction of our customers.

This global approach is a complex task that requires high design and management capabilities combined to offer solutions ensuring reliability, efficiency and high investment return.

Global Project Management

Feasibility study

Through interviews, we are able to identify the customer’s needs and to gather other information relevant for the project definition.

Global Project Management

Concept Design

After the project objectives are specified, they form the basis for technical discussions between the customer and our project team.

Global Project Management

Detailed Design

The concept design is translated into detailed parts, including layouts, technical data and specifications, as well as teaching aids.

Global Project Management


The production of the equipment is carefully controlled to ensure the highest quality standards.



Each part is carefully packaged, including all references and marks for easy identification on arrival at the final destination.
All deliveries are monitored via the Internet in order to ensure prompt order fulfilment.

Global Project Management


Qualified technicians provide to the onsite installation of the equipment delivered, the realization of laboratories, and the final tests of the equipment.

Global Project Management


The project is handed over after both the customer’s engineers and PRODIT ENGINEERING’s engineer(s) in charge of the final tests sign an Acceptance Test Form.

Global Project Management

After Sales Services

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the handover phase: we provide after sale technical training for teachers and technicians, maintenance programs, spare parts and consumables for the satisfactory operation of the laboratories throughout their lifetime.

Global Project Management

Design and Development of Tailored Training Solutions

We develop training solutions through the analysis of training needs and the design and implementation of tailored courses.