Never-ending Improvement

PRODIT ENGINEERING commits to establish a company policy, shared with every employee and
incorporated in a Quality Management System which requires every unit to focus on the customer, as
customers have always played a central role in the ultimate success of our company.

In particular, we pursue customer satisfaction through process review and updates about the topics related
to our products and services.

The goals that PRODIT ENGINEERING has set out to accomplish are the following:

  • to improve our image and reputation on the market
  • to achieve the satisfaction of all stakeholders
  • to comply with all contractual obligations, both explicit and implicit
  • to respect the laws of the countries where our Company does business
  • to pay special attention to communication with the customer
  • to provide good customer service
  • to adopt the latest techniques of customer support (a goal to be achieved through the continuous training and upgrading of our managers as well as of the employees who hold positions carrying high responsibility)
  • to respect the environment and the relevant regulations
  • to abide by workplace health and safety regulation


The achievement of such goals is constantly checked through a continuous customer satisfaction survey,
whereas goal maintenance is steadily pursued not only through customer satisfaction surveys, but also by
providing information and training to our staff, at all levels within the Company.