field aeronautics


Since the first flight of the Wright brothers, one century ago, aircrafts have become one of the most used means of transport, incorporating a number of significant innovations in aerodynamic design, structure design, materials, engine performances, onboard components and avionics, with the consequence that the modern airplanes are very complex systems.

The constant increase of civil, military and general aviation requires a large number of well prepared technicians, skilled not only in aerodynamic aspects of the flying machine, but also in onboard electronic systems diagnosis, maintenance and repair, assuring the performances, efficiency and safety standards of all the aircraft components.

Since airplanes involve many different technological aspects, it is important that the training process grants the students with a comprehensive and versatile theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Among subjects that must be covered in an aeronautics training course, the main ones are the following:

  • Aerodynamics and structure design
  • Aircraft performances, maneuver response and analysis
  • Flight dynamics study
  • Evaluation of handling and flying qualities
  • Electrical system and avionics

Technical Training Equipment

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Turn-key Laboratories and Units

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  • Mobile didactic units

Training Courses

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