field drilling

Drilling and Refinery

Drilling consists essentially in making deep holes in the earth surface to extract oil, gas, water and other
minerals, to support civil engineering projects and for hydrogeological and geotechnical activities.

Drilling is used in hydrogeology for underground water search, in civil engineering projects for activities
connected to the construction of dams, bridges and roads, in oil industry for oil and natural gas extraction
and exploitation, and in geotechnics to secure the stability of slopes and avoid landslides.

Oil refining technologies deal with the various activities related to the transformation of the extracted oil and
in particular with the distillation processes. Since drilling and oil technologies involve the knowledge of many
different subjects, it is important that the students develop a comprehensive and many-sided knowledge of
all of them in order to become versatile and skilled technicians.

The most important topics covered by equipment, pilot plants, teaching aids and training courses on drilling and oil technologies are the following:

  • Drilling principles and techniques
  • Soil mechanics
  • Wells casing and completion
  • Maintenance
  • Drilling and refinery instrumentation
  • Distillation processes and related issues
  • Water and mud treatment
  • Project quality and risk management
  • Welding process and underwater welding
Drilling and Refinery

Technical Training Equipment

  • Educational and training units
  • Full-Scale Cutaways
  • Training models
  • Design and Understanding Technology


Turn key Laboratories and Units

  • Turn-key laboratories designed for students having different levels of prior knowledge and tailored to customer requirements
  • Mobile teaching units
Drilling and Refinery

Training Courses

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