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Electro and Motor Rewinding

Our way of life strongly depends on countless applications of electricity.

Electrical plants, machines and systems generate, distribute and transform power for everyday utilization, ranging from heat generation to public transportation systems, from food preservation to radio and TV broadcasting, from computers to house appliances, from entertainment to health care.
Without a deep knowledge of the principles of electricity and its applications it is impossible to obtain and secure safe operation of thousands of electrical equipment and instruments.

Electric motors are certainly one of the most important applications of electrotechnology, since they provide a cost-effective solution for motion generation and control in a large number of industrial plants and households.

Therefore effective motor management and maintenance strategies are necessary to minimize the overall purchase and running costs. Well-trained technicians must acquire a deep competence in the principles and the characteristics of electrical machines.

The main topics to be dealt with in a training course on electrotechnology are the following:

  • Principles of electricity and electrostatics
  • Principles of electrodynamics
  • Basic components of electrical circuits
  • Electrical machines, their maintenance and trouble-shooting
  • Electrical systems, their maintenance and trouble-shooting
Electro and Motor Rewinding

Technical Training Equipment

  • Educational and training units
  • Full-Scale Cutaways
  • Build-up kits
  • Design and Understanding Technology


Electro and Motor Rewinding

Turn key laboratories and units

  • Turn-key laboratories designed for students having different levels of prior knowledge and tailored to customer requirements
  • Mobile teaching units
Electro and Motor Rewinding

Training Courses

We can provide tailored training solutions aimed to satisfy your requirements completely.