field forensics


Forensic science is the scientific method that, together with the traditional methods of judicial investigation, permits to collect and examine information regarding a crime.

Although forensic tests and procedures are carried out in many fields, such as astronomy, archeology, biology and geology to investigate ancient times, they are particularly important in law enforcement where they are done in relation to criminal or civil law.
The ultimate aim of forensic science is to accurately and reliably link every criminal to his or her crime.

The only way to achieve this goal is to adequately prepare technicians, so that they will be able to distinguish factual elements constituting evidence of offence from misleading traces.
A key element of any science class is the effective use of quality laboratories which allow students to put prior learned concepts into practical use. Moreover these activities are most significant when labs are examples of real world applications.

PRODIT ENGINEERING can provide the following specialized educational laboratories, for different investigation objectives:

  • Fingerprint identification: it is focused on fingerprint investigation and aims to identify individuals (not only criminals, but also missing persons, etc.).
  • Medical-legal investigations: this laboratory deals with the identification of human remains and fingerprint detection by laser-scanner
  • Phone Investigations and Video-Control: this laboratory is for training students in the recognition of the talker, in wire, mobile and fax tapping, audio surveillance, radio interception, debugging, camera and camcorder placement, the installation of micro-video cameras and electronic shadowing.
  • Recovery of hidden prints: this laboratory is for training students in the recovery of hidden prints on seized evidence.