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General Mechanics

Many devices used in industrial, commercial or domestic applications are operated by motors that drive the main tool components directly or through intermediate transmission mechanisms and gears.

As far as construction is concerned, a machine is composed of a series of mechanical elements manufactured according to the engineering drawings design and accurately mounted to avoid wear problems.
Some mechanical assemblies are never modified, whereas others use motion and clamping fixtures to allow successive set-up arrangements and variations of coupling conditions.

Maintenance must take care of all the machine parts, which, if not well coupled, can cause serious damages and compromise machine operation. Assembling, maintenance and repair of mechanical assemblies and of transmission and machine components require skilled technicians.

The main topics to be covered by an effective training laboratory are the following:

  • Mechanical assembly principles
  • Drive transmission components
  • Rotary-to-linear motion conversion principles and modules
  • Coupling and shaft alignment practice
  • Pulley and belt alignments
  • Bearings
  • Reduction gears
  • Wheel reducers and worm screw reducers


General Mechanics

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General Mechanics

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General Mechanics

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