field Leathercraft


Leathercraft is an ancient craft that still uses the basic tools employed many centuries ago.

The leather industry transforms animal skins into various types of products, such as shoes, belts, wallets and suitcases. Almost everyone wears or uses one or more leather products on a regular basis.

The leather processing chain involves different steps, requiring different combinations of materials and skills.
The process starts with the recovery of animal hides and skins; the second step involves tanning, dyeing and finishing, whereas the last one regards the manufacturing of final products.

Manufacturing of leather products plays an important role in many developing countries, where raw materials and manpower are available at competitive prices.

Since these countries must compete with Western standards of excellence, it is important for them to train labour force in order to increase the quality of their products, challenged also by the increasing availability of leather substitutes.
Due to such competition, training courses must concentrate on the attainment of high quality standards and on the introduction of new technologies and manufacturing processes.