field surveying

Surveying and Civil Engineering

Surveying and civil engineering are fundamental disciplines in our modern world, as they allow us to design, build and maintain essential service infrastructures that are of vital importance to our society.

Without a scientific and technical approach to surveying and civil engineering, our society would be completely at the mercy of the uncontrolled natural forces which have shaped our planet for millions of years; industries and communities would quickly run out of clean water, sewage disposal, housing, transportation systems, and infrastructures for heat, light and power distribution.

Although natural forces will always be present, their dangerous impacts can be greatly reduced by careful design of civil infrastructures, as in the case of earthquake- resistant constructions.

Since the field of surveying and civil engineering is extremely broad, it is important that the teams of professionals carrying out civil engineering projects include well- prepared engineers and skilled technicians.

The main subjects that must be included in a training course on surveying and civil engineering are the following:

  • Structural concepts and design
  • Instrumentation and measurements for civil engineering
  • Engineering construction and surveying
  • Soil mechanics
  • Foundation engineering
  • Concrete and steel structures
  • Project planning and tendering
  • Project quality, risk and procurement management
  • Civil engineering design