field wood carpentry

Wood Carpentry

Wood Carpentry is the art and craft of making and constructing objects out of wood.
Furthermore, it is the skill of creating furniture and other objects from wood using specialist tools and techniques.
Woodworking and carpentry training is done usually through apprenticeship, therefore PRODIT ENGINEERING offers suitable teaching courses and dedicated laboratories with tools, equipment, machines and materials for carpentry, thus allowing trainees to acquire knowledge through practice.
The teaching items for apprentice woodworkers aim to develop the skills to work with natural wood which has been transformed into lumber by splitting and sawing. Natural and engineered lumber and many other building materials are dealt with in our carpentry training courses, together with joining, mounting and fixing techniques and a comprehensive overview of the utilization of glues, paints, types of wood and resins.
Learning topics include the theory and practice of construction of windows, doors, furniture, interior trim, cabinetry, roofing and any other wooden object.
Our carpentry laboratories are equipped with all the tools that are necessary to develop the apprentices’ knowledge and know-how, from simple hammers, measure tapes, levels and layout squares, through block planes, calipers, jigs and clamps, to hand saws, circular saws, drills, grinders and more complex machines like band saws, radial arm saws, drill presses, surface planers and others.
A wide range of samples and models of objects (real, in scale, cutaways) and parts pertaining to the subject matter to be learned are also included:

  • Explanatory tables, computer-led audiovisual and multimedia presentations complete the laboratory environment, offering a modern and flexible approach to the teaching methods.