training courses

Training Courses


Education and Training are the basic pillars needed to start up and develop technological and organizational innovation processes.
Their role is to combine the respective needs and potentialities of organizations and individuals in a harmonious way, with a view to enabling a sustainable socio-economic development.

A highly skilled, motivated and productive workforce, in public services or in private enterprises, is certainly the key factor in ensuring the growth of a country.
Training is crucial to reduce unemployment and precarious work, particularly among young people, and to ensure more and better jobs, thus increasing prosperity.

Training solutions

PRODIT ENGINEERING offers Training Solutions for individuals, enterprises and government agencies.

Our Training Services include:

  • Tailored training programs design
  • Courses and training programs for trainers and teachers
  • Initial Vocational Training for young people
  • Continuing Professional Education and training for workers
  • Managerial and soft skills training programs
  • Support for small business start-ups and self-employment

Distinctive features

PRODIT ENGINEERING’s training services are based on the following distinctive features:

  • training actions design based on an in-depth analysis of customer’s needs and requirements;
  • training activities planning and implementation discussed and defined with the customer, step by step;
  • supply of multilingual training courses and educational materials;
  • interdisciplinary approach;
  • continuous progress monitoring and assessment;
  • use of technologically updated training equipment;
  • innovative training approaches specifically designed to meet the characteristics and needs of target trainees

Instructional methodologies

The teaching approach adopted is designed to make learning activity as effective as possible.

Theory and practice are always combined, by means of:

  • laboratory experiments;
  • on-the-job training;
  • analysis and solution of case studies;
  • active learning methodologies;
  • role playing;
  • simulation of real job contexts;
  • interdisciplinary projects development;
  • study visits.


Thanks to the cooperation with professional associations and public and private bodies recognized and accredited to award certifications in a wide range of fields, PRODIT ENGINEERING can organize training programs aimed at obtaining professional licences or at preparing students for certification exams based on international standards.

Training Locations

Training courses can be provided:

  • at PRODIT ENGINEERING’s advanced training facilities in Santena, near Turin: an ideal location in a rich cultural and economic context in the heart of Europe, allowing interesting and significant educational visits to manufacturing plants and services businesses.
  • at a location chosen by the customer.