prodit engineering after sale assistance

Services apres-vente

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After Sales Assistance

Prodit Engineering puts in place a set of after-sales support activities that enhance the

performance and efficiency of use of the product delivered to customers around the world with the

aim of increasing their satisfaction.


As a result of continuous growth of product performances, Prodit Engineering acts so that his didactic

equipments are integrated with excellent and various support services for the customer.


We no longer speak only of ” Technical Assistance” as passive approach that is implemented on the

customer calls, but of ” After Sales Service ” as an approach that is kept active all the time after the

delivery to the customer with a discreet action to assist him at any time.


Prodit Engineering therefore supports the customer in the resolution of the problems of using in order to

get the best and full use of the features and benefits of the training equipment provided, therefore

ensuring a skilled care throughout the life cycle of the product.