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Hydraulique et plomberie

Nowadays water systems play a central role in many fields: agriculture, mechanical industry, energy conversion are only few of the numerous applications through which water influences and improves our life.

Training of skilled technicians who are able to maintain water piping systems and plumbing fixtures, together with creative engineers who can find out new applications of water for civil as well as for industrial purposes is a crucial issue that the educational system of every civilized country has the duty to pursue.

In order to help teachers and instructors improve their training facilities responding to all these issues, PRODIT GROUP is proud to introduce its full range of equipment and training solutions.

Hydraulique et plomberie

Équipement de formation technique

  • Unités Didactiques et de Formation
  • Pièces Sectionnées
  • Etude et Compréhension de la Technologie


Hydraulique et plomberie

Laboratoires clés en main et unités

  • Des laboratoires clés en main conçus pour les étudiants ayant différents niveaux de connaissances préalables et adaptés aux exigences du client
  • Unité didactique Mobile
Hydraulique et plomberie

Course de formation

Nous pouvons fournir des solutions de formation sur mesure visant à satisfaire vos besoins complètement.