field informatics


In our globalized society, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming a more important factor of success every day. We need to use computers both during our working time and in our private life.
Organizations with ICT-skilled employees increase their productivity and remain competitive: therefore schools must be able to plan ICT curricula that equip students with the skills required by employers.
The widespread availability of Information and Communication Technologies has had a strong impact on school and education.
It is not possible to ignore computers any longer. Education is faced with the challenge to incorporate computer and communication skills in a meaningful way.
Universities, schools and vocational training agencies have the opportunity to develop new curricula and to devise new courses and exams. They need to improve young people’s skills in this area, in order to make them truly competitive in the Digital Era. In this way school and education system can boost the spread of skills that will benefit both individuals and employers.
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