field metallurgy casting


Metallurgy is a domain of materials science and of materials engineering that studies the physical and chemical behaviour of metallic elements and their mixtures called alloys.

PRODIT ENGINEERING has addressed the issue of education in the field of metallurgy by trying to cover the wide range of applications that can be useful to customers; for such purpose we have researched the state of the art and have identified general themes (nevertheless considering also the details of the subject matter).

PRODIT ENGINEERING can offer training courses and the respective laboratories with dedicated equipment for the teaching of:

  • Principles of metallurgy, including the study of microscopic structures, alloy composition and manufacturing processes.
  • Metallurgy of Steel, including heat treating and hardening.
  • Corrosion of metals: chemical and galvanic corrosion.
  • Tensile, impact and hardness testing

as well as many other items that are useful to deepen the knowledge and to support the teaching of this vast subject.

The equipment used in the metallurgy laboratories covers a wide range of tools, machines and measurement devices:
microscopes, machines for traction and impact tests, hardness meters, sanders machines, miter saws, precision balances, devices for electrochemical corrosion testing, small furnaces, thermometers, pyrometers and others.

Our labs are also equipped with up-to-date instrumentation for data acquisition and visualization, data logging, reporting and storage, managed by special software packages on personal computers.